Demystifying Litigation Funding: Common Misconceptions Debunked

Litigation funding is an important tool for leveling the playing field in legal disputes. Coupled with recent advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, it has the potential to revolutionize the entire litigation landscape. The beauty of Litigation Funding lies in its non-recourse nature, ...

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Can data analytics shorten the litigation cycle?

Evictions are often lengthy and arduous legal processes that can leave landlords and property owners in financial distress. As per National Judicial Data Grid (NJDG), the national average for obtaining an eviction decree is 4.2 years, resulting in Read More

Honouring Dr. Ambedkar's Vision for Justice: Celebrating Ambedkar Jayanti

As we commemorate Ambedkar Jayanti, the birth anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, we are reminded of his unwavering commitment to social justice and equality. Dr. Ambedkar, a prominent jurist, social reformer, and the architect of India's Constitution, envisioned a just and inclusive society where the rights and interests of ...

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National Law Day

Constitution day (IAST: Samvidhāna Divasa) also referred to as National Law Day is celebrated on the 26th of November every year. It has not been declared a public holiday, however, most departments/ schools and other institutes honour this day with celebrations.

History: Even from 1947 to 1950, India continued ...

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Is Litigation Funding a Loan?

Litigation Funding (LF), as we all know, is the funding of litigation. It is a budding concept in India but a huge business globally. LF involves the funders paying for the claimant’s expenses on a non-recourse basis. A third-party paying for your expenses. Does it sound like a loan ...

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Future of Arbitration in India

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

In the recent times, where even slow-paced internet is unimaginable, slow-paced cases are on the verge of becoming unacceptable. Hence the world has come up with the concept of Arbitration also referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution.

What is ADR?

ADR is the procedure of settlement of a ...

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Litigation Funding: The game changer

Asset recovery and enforcement against a former Soviet state

Victim/plaintiff: Company

Opposing party: Former Soviet State


Case: An international arbitration had been awarded where a former Soviet state was held liable for payment of award. The state refused all attempts to pay. Even the local courts had ...

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Tax Laws vs Other Civil Laws

The world is changing with every passing minute. So are the people, their lifestyle, aspiration, and perception of Liberties. With such rapid socio-economic changes, there is a need for continuous reforms in Laws too.

The most dynamic law in India today is the Tax law which changes as fast as ...

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Is Litigation Funding cost recoverable under Arbitration Award?

Often, judgments from the UK are referred to in deciding matters in India owing to the similarity that exists between the British and Indian laws. That semblance also exists in the UK Arbitration Act and Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act both of which were coincidentally framed in the year ...

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Litigation Funding - Complimenting the Justice System

As humans moved towards civilization, the concept of industry, trade, commerce, and money came into being. As trade and commerce grew, so did the disputes and hence the need for a robust justice system increased. However, justice comes at a cost, which could be in terms of time, money, ...

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Hon’ble Supreme Court Live Streams proceedings for the 1st time in 71years

Today, for the first time in its 71-year-long history, the proceedings of the Supreme Court were streamed live. The live streaming was limited to the ceremonial bench of outgoing Chief Justice of India, Hon’ble Justice NV RamanaWatch it here

On September 26, 2018, a three-Judge Bench of the Supreme Court ...

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Advantages of Litigation Funding

In one of our earlier posts, we talked about the WHAT of Litigation Funding (LF). This one is about the WHY?

The major benefits of LF are:


  • LF bridges any gap that may exist in terms of the financial strength between the parties in dispute.
  •  LF helps Corporates & MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium ...

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Is it better to keep a house empty than to let it out?

An estimated 42% of the urban population of the world lives in tenanted houses. Thus, there are roughly 150 million landlord – tenant relationships on this planet. This relationship is a contractual association and like any other contract this should also have a smooth exit option for either party. ...

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Technology to the aide of Justice

According to the NJDG currently, there are ~3.29 Crore Criminal and ~1.52 Crore Civil matters sub judice at various High Courts & District Courts in India. Roughly 76% of these cases are pending for more than a year.  

A bit of drill down reveals that out of all the Civil matters pending ...

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The Uninformed Litigant

Justice delayed, as often said, is justice denied. Yet, in India, justice is kept pending, often indefinitely.

To a litigant, it’s an abyss, that he keeps sinking into. The confidence of a common man in the legal landscape in India is at an all-time low. As many as ...

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Life is all about COMPROMISES

We all have grown up to the captioned philosophy, where we were told, that it’s best to compromise to live happily. The problem starts when we start applying this habit to aspects of our lives that directly affect our economic well-being.

For most of our commercial disputes such as land, property, loans, ...

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FIGHTRIGHT is on a mission to change how India fights for its rights. After 12 years in the real estate business, coupled with an uncountable number of visits to the court – we understand how time consuming and frustrating it is to deal with litigations. Presence of conflicting laws, ...

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