We are on a mission to change how India fights for its rights. With over 12 years in the real estate business and litigation, we understand the plight of people going through our country's judicial system. The presence of conflicting laws, lack of judicial capacity, low judge-to-people ratio, and dearth of finance and technical know-how, make getting justice almost an insurmountable affair. Sisyphus had it easier. Using our domain expertise and state-of-the-art AI-powered analytics engine, we want to help and bridge the gap between the plaintiffs/claimants and the justice they so desperately seek.

Who we are

  • Justice Dilip Kumar Seth, Former Judge, Calcutta High Court
    Chief of Advisory Board

    Justice Seth is one of the top legal luminaries in the country today. He started out as an advocate in 1968 and practised in Civil, Constitutional, Labour and Service matters. By the year 1994 he was appointed as a Permanent Judge of the Calcutta High Court, from where he retired in the year 2015. During this period, he also served as a Permanent Judge of the Allahabad High Court from 1995 – 2000.

    Since his retirement from the bench, Justice Seth has dedicated himself wholeheartedly to promoting access to justice in the court system.

    He is the Chief of the Advisory-Board providing mentorship and guidance to Team FIGHTRIGHT.

  • Nitin Jain
    Founder & CEO

    Nitin is an expert and highly skilled professional. He has 24 years of demonstrable achievements in the fields of Indirect Tax Advisory (1996 – 2010) and Real Estate Development (2006 onwards). In both these domains his mantra for success has been “constructive, skillful and productive Litigation Management” of the issues.

    He has first-hand experience in dealing with distressed Real Estate and the Litigations surrounding them. Over these years he has spearheaded and ensured successful execution of many projects which specifically required managing Litigation and obtaining intricate regulatory compliances.

    He is a qualified Chartered Accountant from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He has an Honours graduate degree in Commerce from St. Xaviers College, Kolkata and has a Bachelor of Law (Gen.) degree from Mumbai University.

  • Vishal Mangal
    Co-founder & COO

    Vishal is an experienced individual with a keen interest in setting up operational processes. A new venture is what always motivates him. He has already established two successful enterprises alongside Nitin. On the ground execution of our past projects has been his responsibility.

    He has an in-depth understanding of Land and other Land-related aspects and expertise in Land acquisition, regulatory compliance/ approvals, and Government Liaison.

    He holds an Honours graduate degree in Commerce from Calcutta University.

Past Projects

Notable aspect of all the work done to date is that a total investment of USD 11 Million has yielded a cumulative return of USD 46-47 Million to us and our associates with an average time span of each project being under 4 Years.